We are looking for someone (or a few people) interested in learning more about stage management and production in general.  If you’d like to stage manage for the Brass Tacks Ensemble (or any other groups!) yourself, but feel like you want to learn more about the job, this is a good opportunity to see how the stage manager and technical aspects fit into the process.  As part of the Brass Tacks 2017 Troupe production staff, you’ll be privy to the artistic development process, and will gain an understanding of BTE’s artistic philosophy and how the organization functions, giving you a solid foundation for stage managing a future show.
Contact Alexa at or leave a voicemail at 734-926-5376 if you’re interested in helping out!

ASM Job Description

The Assistant Stage Manager will be available to assist the Stage Manager both during the rehearsal process and throughout production week.  Duties may include some or all of the below:
During the rehearsal process –
  • helping the SM to keep track of actors and rehearsal timing
  • setting up/breaking down for rehearsals
  • helping to record rehearsal notes
  • assisting in tracking props, blocking, and set needs
  • being on book and taking line notes
During production week –
  • assist with load-in and strike
  • assist SM in keeping track of actors, timing, and cues during tech rehearsals and productions
  • assist with setting up and closing up each night for tech rehearsals and performances
  • assist with any backstage cues and transitions
  • manage prop table(s) during performances
  • assist with set and costume changes
Helpful traits if you’re interested in this job are the ability to stay organized, a creative approach to problem solving, the ability to take orders, and a strong interest in all aspects of the rehearsal and production process.
The Assistant Stage Manager will need to be able to attend some rehearsals once the actors are off book (2-4 per week), and may need to be available during performance weeks.  

Production Assistant Job Description

In addition to Assistant Stage Manager duties, we are seeking someone who is also interested in helping with various aspects of the production.  While our production design for this season is minimal, we need someone to help us execute a few key elements.  This portion of the job is still in development, but duties may include:
  • working with the director, designers, and the stage manager to understand any design elements association with the productions
  • having a clear understanding of the vision for the productions
  • taking on the legwork of tracking down design needs: costume pieces, props, etc. (would be reimbursed for item costs)
  • assisting (as skill levels allow) with reworking of purchased items (altering clothes, painting a prop, etc.)