Theater is a lot of things. We put it all under one umbrella — “Let’s do theater!” or “Let’s go see theater!” — but there is a lot in there, behind the scenes, that is needed to make it all work. Before the house lights go down, before hours of rehearsal are racked up, before the auditions are held, before the space is even rented. We are spending the year exploring two very important “before all this” parts: Play Writing and Play Reading. Writing plays has been going on for centuries. Plays addressing the human spirit, morality, conflict, and humor have stood the test of time. We’re still performing Greek plays, Shakespeare, and Shaw. But the world changes, and the exploration of humanity continues ever onward. So The Brass Tacks Ensemble has taken up the call and started our own play writing club so we can focus our creativity into a aspect of theater we have pushed to the side over the past few years. But with all these amazing plays proving their relevance and clawing their way through history, we simply can’t ignore them! So we started up a play reading club so we could read as many of them as we possible could and find those that we need — need, I say! — to bring to the stage as only The Brass Tacks can. So that’s where we are, learning from the past, writing our present, and looking for a bright future. Won’t you join us?

Our plans for this year also include a festival of staged readings of new works in November.  Join us for one event, or work with us over the entire year!  

Take a look at the event calendar and come by!

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