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We at The Brass Tacks Ensemble are devoted to providing actors, directors, designers, and writers an opportunity to develop as artists.  The Brass Tacks Ensemble Members will have an artistic voice within the organization, as well as be granted certain rights, privileges, and benefits in exchange for the usage of their energies, talents, and time to promote, cultivate, and improve the company as a whole.


 Company Membership Points Procedure

Anyone wishing to become a Company Member of The Brass Tacks Ensemble must undergo a probationary period during which the candidate will accrue points for participating in Brass Tacks events, productions, and operations.  To become a member, the candidate must:
  1. Accrue 50 total points.  (As of January 1, 2015.  The point total is subject to change by order of Special Committee.)
  2. Accrue points in three areas:  Production, Administration, and Education.  At least 10 percent of the total points necessary to become a member must be accrued in each of the three areas.  Example:  If 50 total points are necessary to become a member, then 5 points must be accrued through Production, 5 points through Administration, and 5 points through Education; the remaining 35 points may be divided as the candidate wishes.
Upon completion of the probationary period, the candidate submits an application for membership with proof of completion/accrual of points to the Executive Director of The Brass Tacks Ensemble.  The Brass Tacks Ensemble reserves the right to reject an application for membership or to negotiate a new set of standards to attain membership–provided a written explanation is presented to the candidate by The Brass Tacks Ensemble.
Once membership is attained, the Company Member will maintain his or her membership standing by accruing additional points–20 percent of the current total required for initial membership–every two years, or the membership will be terminated after two years.  If the membership is terminated, the member may reapply after completing another probationary period–perhaps with a reduced number of total points required based on negotiation with The Brass Tacks Ensemble.
No one is required to use accrued points toward membership.
Below are the current ways to earn points toward membership and the number of points received for each item (or click here for a comprehensive list). Note that point totals and qualifying activities are subject to change.


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