Stage Manager Job Description


We are looking for one stage manager with a wide-open schedule and the ability to handle different personalities for our upcoming production of Blithe Spirit,running November 2-11, 2018, with rehearsals starting on September 10, 2018.  Rehearsals will generally be Monday through Thursday evenings.

We will also consider multiple stage managers working in “shifts,” depending on people’s schedules.  So, for example, if you’re interested but you can only work with us in October, or you can only work with us two evenings a week, contact us (via email or call or text us at (734) 926-5376) and we’ll discuss possibilities.

Interested but have no experience?  We will train you!

The Brass Tacks Ensemble has two positions to manage the responsibilities of mounting a production.   In short, the Stage Manager manages everything that happens “inside” the production (rehearsals, performances, schedules, etc.) on more of a daily scale, and the Production Manager manages everything that happens “outside” the production (marketing, designers, box office, etc.) on more of a weekly or monthly scale.  The two positions will work closely together — and with the Executive and Artistic Directors — to ensure the entire production is prepared for performance.


  • Upholds and promotes the mission statement, vision, and principles of The Brass Tacks Ensemble

  • Acts in accordance with the BTE Expectations Policy

  • Coordinates with Production Manager to communicate design necessities (props, set, lights, costumes, etc.) from meetings and rehearsals to designers

  • Maintains and distributes rehearsal calendars, contact sheets, rehearsal policies, and props lists

  • Prepares a prompt script with blocking decisions, script changes, cues

  • Prompts actors with lines as needed and informs them of errors

  • Monitors time in rehearsal–running times of show, breaks, promptness of actors

  • Communicates changes to schedule, script, etc.

  • Helps coordinate (and possibly facilitate) production meetings

  • Coordinates stage crew (if stage crew is necessary during production)

  • Oversees actors during rehearsals and performances

  • Takes responsibility for supply case (tape, tools, first-aid equipment)

  • Supervises move-in, performances, and move-out/strike

  • Takes responsibility for overseeing clean-up before and after rehearsals and performances

  • Coordinates with House Manager for production

  • Coordinates during emergency situations (e.g., calls police, EMS, etc.)

The ideal candidate…

…is responsible

…is dedicated

…is detail-oriented

…is reliable

…is flexible

…has excellent communication skills

…can multitask

…has excellent organizational skills

…has excellent time-management skills