This Relationship Is Great, But We Could Really Use Some Space

Rehearsal space. If you have attended any theater happening in the Washtenaw County area, you’ve probably heard this song and dance before. Affordable performance space and useable rehearsal space are, sadly, like mythical creatures.  

However, thankfully, unlike many of the other groups creating amazing theater in region, we have pretty low standards. Not because we aren’t making amazing theater, but simply because our approach tends to have low overhead. With our focus on storytelling, sparking the imagination, and connecting to the audience, the people involved in creating our amazing productions are what we need to give space to grow.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m bringing all this up. And you wouldn’t be alone! I bring this up as an appeal to you, our loyal supporters. You can cover more ground than we can alone, and, quite frankly, the benefits to you are tremendous — without having to worry about where we might rehearse a production, we can spend more time creating, growing, stretching, and nurturing more amazing art for you to enjoy! Who doesn’t want that?!

But I also appeal to you because I don’t think you realize how simple our needs really are when it comes to rehearsal space. I believe I could best sum it up using the style of the great David Mamet (avert your eyes now if you are averse to [suggested] strong language):

A [$#%!$%@] room. With a [$#%!$%@] toilet. And not too [expletive] hot and not too [expletive] cold.

Now I’ll explain more gently. All we really need is a room. Perhaps upwards of 30 by 30 feet? Maybe less! A bathroom and climate control also make for a space that can be used for many hours during a rehearsal. Access to a water fountain would also be lovely, but not a deal breaker. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that it needs to be available in the evenings — because theater people are afraid of the sunlight and tend to only be available to congregate once day jobs are over.

But more importantly, I would like to point out how near to you a space like this might already be. A conference room at a job. A business that closes in the evenings. A warehouse. A large room. A storeroom. A classroom. A room in a church. A lovely barn. We have some glowing references from other spaces we have used, and we put the fear of God in our artists when it comes to treating a borrowed space with love.

So, I invite you to open your minds to the possibility of how an unused-in-the-evening space you might already know could make a huge difference to a small theater company like us. And we have free tickets, ad space, eternal gratitude, and so much more to offer in return. If you would like to reach out to inquire about the possibility and then connect that space-holder with us, that would be amazing. If you have a space you would like to chat with us about, we would love to. If you have a way in which we could get a permanent rehearsal and performance space of our own, I can tell you that the line of people who would want to give you a hug would be out the door and around the block.

Ever yours,

Isaac Ellis

Executive Director