The Seagull – 2013

August 2013
Kerrytown Concert House

Vacation by the lake — a summer idyll! Or a train wreck!? Will the young playwright romance his muse? Will the diva get a ride to the station? Can the doctor get rid of his patients? Answer these and other questions you haven’t asked yet! It’s soap opera with Russian dressing as we peer into this game of lives. Join us for love, poetry, intrigue, valerian, rubles, kopeks, fishing rods and feelings as the Brass Tacks brave Chekhov through a new translation by Tom Stoppard.
Traditionally done in a serious/ dramatic fashion, this production approaches “The Seagull” with a lighter touch. The playwright himself thought most productions were too heavy-handed and Brass Tacks Ensemble typically approaches things with a “less is more” attitude.
Amanda Barnett
Nan Bauer
Isaac Ellis
Cydney Heed
Lauren Hoag
Allan Guilpain
Robin Kalellis
Greg Kovas
Joseph McDonald
Jeffrey Miller
Jahmeel Powers
Rob Sulewski
Anne S. Rhoades
Rachel Robbins Toon