By Pedro Calderón de la Barca
In a New Translation by Isaac B Ellis
Directed by Isaac B Ellis
Stage Manager: James Ingagiola
Costume Design: Amanda Barnett
Props: Anne S Rhoades
Publicity Coordinator: Rachel Robbins Toon
Poster Design: Steve Elliott
House Manager: Amanda Barnett
BASILIO, King of Poland: David Widmayer
SEGISMUNDO, his son: Jeffrey Shawn Miller
ASTOLFO, his nephew: Stebert Davenport
ESTRELLA, his niece: Lauren Megan McCarthy
CLOTALDO, a nobleman: Joseph McDonald
ROSAURA, a lady: Mouse Courtois
CLARÍN, a clown: Jessica Feathers
ACTOR 1: Jenna Hinton
ACTOR 2: Cydney Heed


by William Shakespeare
Directed by James Ingagiola
Stage Manager: Alexa Ducsay
Costumes and Props: Anne S. Rhoades
Publicity Coordinator: Isaac B. Ellis
What is love? High romance? Domestic bliss? Animal lust? The forest is the setting for young lovers escaping parental constraints, a fairy queen and king at war, and a band of “rude mechanicals” with misguided theatrical ambitions. Love matches and mismatches abound as The Brass Tacks Ensemble presents Shakespeare’s timeless comedy about the nature (and insanity) of love.
Theseus/Oberon:  David Widmayer
Hippolyta/Titania:  Christina D’Amato
Philostrate/Puck/Starveling:  Liane Golightly
Lysander/Flute/Moth:  Greg Kovas
Demetrius/Bottom:  Jeffrey Miller
Hermia/Snout/Mustardseed:  Mary Conley
Helena/Snug/Cobweb:  Laura Tanner
Egeus/Quince/Peaseblossom:  Jenna Hinton

Thank you for joining us for our “Dream” season!  We are pleased to be bringing you two terrific shows this year:  Calderon’s Life Is A Dream (in a new translation by our very own Isaac Ellis) this spring and Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream this summer.

Since 1999, with our inaugural production of King Lear, The Brass Tacks Ensemble has been dedicated to producing shows that strip away the excess and focus on the essentials of theater:  Actor.  Text.  Audience.  No frills, no elaborate sets, no outlandish costumes.  Just the faith in our audience’s ability to fill in the gaps with its imagination.  To fully create the world of the play that we only suggest on the stage.  To explore themes that are universal to us all–love, death, joy, pain, community, solitude.  Through this dream we create together in the theater, we come to a greater understanding of our reality.  And we continue to imagine, to create, to explore when we leave…
Thank you for coming.
James Ingagiola
Artistic Director